ArtsAndCraftsForKids was formed to offer a unique reference point on great art and craft projects for kids of all ages.

ArtsAndCraftsForKids is the only website you need if you want to explore any aspect of arts and crafts projects for children. The authoritative articles apply to children of all ages, covering every ability and personality. It aims to be the primary UK source of information in the field of children’s craft ideas.

The site is bursting with advice which looks at craft materials, techniques and specific projects to try. ArtsAndCraftsforKids was expertly designed to be user-friendly and easily navigated. All the articles and features are arranged in clearly marked sections which cover general topics, craft- specific subjects and items of seasonal interest.

The features and articles are written by people who have practical experience in issues concerning crafts for kids and are keen to share their tips and expertise. If your area of interest is more specialised, we can deal with this too.

Topics covered include adapting projects for special needs, stain removal and important safety issues. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, our ‘ask the expert’ facility offers tailor-made advice.

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